Athlycs@SAS Forum - 9 October 2014

Aligning diverging stakeholders in portfolio choices by model & data based decision making

Diverging interests of various stakeholders are omni-present where important choices in a portfolio context have to be taken. Typically the portfolio elements, like projects, ideas, options, opportunities, etc., are assessed on different criteria stemming from all important players in the decision making context. Subsequentially, ranking of the portfolio elements according to the different criteria is the next step.

How do you balance efforts  and rewards? Risks and opportunities? Costs and corporate values?
An objective multi-criteria ranking is the best way to assess investment choices, R&D opportunities, corporate directions and the like. But even then, if this ranking is acceptable, budgets, scarce resources and portfolio balances come into the picture.

How do you balance between short and long term objectives, between high and low risk, between profit and growth?

Athlycs portfolio approach based on SAS technology, includes ranking and selection for high level decision support. It is based on real-life data, turned into quantitative results while preserving insight and communication power.

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